1000 km Skitour

In 2020 Mirko (the pig) was born with an ambitious dream to end the livestock industry. He came up with the unique idea of being the first in the world to conquer the Italian Alps on cross-country skis, thus drawing attention to the billions of animals in the livestock industry. And he succeeded! In his own backpack, he traversed the Italian Alps from west to east on the back of his two trusted assistants, drawing attention to billions of animals in the livestock industry in an original way.
During this (not without dangers) journey of 35 days, Mirko became a celebrity, and he had to get used to that. Mirko appeared in more than 80 publications (radio, newspapers and TV) in both the Netherlands and Italy. He won many hearts and turned many carnivorous people into vegetarians. Thanks to the media, Mirko reached millions of people during his grueling journey and managed to make many people think about the animal suffering behind the food they eat.