About Mirko

This is our planet, these are our animals and it’s time to preserve it. Campaigning on ski’s, we are calling people from every corner of the planet to join our movement against intensive farming. No matter your age, no matter where you are or what you do, today you have an important choice:
A: You can try to believe that you can’t do anything about the animal cruelty that takes place every day in factory farms around the world. You can further believe that you are not responsible for the products you buy and do nothing (the ostrich approach).

B: You recognise that by buying a product you support the businesses that profit from the product you buy. If you don’t want to support businesses that inflict cruelty on animals, than today you can stop buying meat (that includes ham, salami and bacon) from supermarkets and other places where animals have been farmed intensively (Factory Farm Fighter’s approach).
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