On January 31, 2021, Mirko and his assistants will participate in one of the most important international ski races in the world: The 50th edition of the Marcialonga in Italy.
Mirko is the first pig to be officially registered in the history of this legendary 70 km ski race in Italy. Mirko has been training for this for months, first at Fresh gym in Amsterdam and since December he can be seen daily in the Italian Alps where he trains on real snow every morning at 8 in the morning (rain or shine).
Participation in this race is 'quite ambitious' for Mirko's ski level to say the least. Most participants are professional and semi-professional ski athletes and Mirko's assistants can ski reasonably well, but that is all about it.
But nothing stops Mirko and he will do everything he can to reach the finish line of this long and grueling race in time.