The 'NO MEAT FROM HELL' movement

'NO MEAT FROM HELL' is a new movement that aims to inspire millions of people in a short time to help end intensive livestock farming.
Intensive farming exists solely because every day, you and I keep buying meat and dairy from animals whose lives have been a living hell (meat from hell).
The only way to end intensive farming is if we all say no to "MEAT FROM HELL". Naturally, the best thing would be to eat less or no meat at all, because there is no such things as animal-friendly meat.
Yet, if you like to eat meat, you can actually make a big difference by not buying meat and dairy from the supermarket. Instead it would be much better if you can buy it from an organic farm (in your area, or by ordering online). In that way you say no to intensive farming, you eat healthier food (no antibiotics) and you support a local farmer.
Over the past decade, intensive farming has invested enormously in the technological development of the megafarms. In order to cover the costs for these large investments, production must be at maximum capacity. That high production level must therefore be maintained, even at times when demand is low.
And that is exactly what will bring them to their knees. By saying no to ‘MEAT FROM HELL’ from supermarkets and from pubs and restaurants, we create a structural decrease in demand. As a result, the high costs of these capital-intensive companies can soon no longer be compensated and will lead to a deficit. The induced decrease in demand will soon lead to what we call market disruption of the intensive farming sector. In short that means game over.
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PHOTO CREDIT: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals