Red Bull Nordenskiƶldsloppet 2021

On Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 6 a.m., the starting shot will be fired for the longest and toughest ski race in the world, the Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet in Lapland. In addition to the 498 best skiers in the world participating in this race, Mirko will also participate in this almost inhuman race with his assistants Esther Kef and Eleonora Orlandi. Mirko is participating in this race to draw attention to animal suffering in the livestock industry. This toughest ski race in the world will receive worldwide media attention.
Mirko hopes to inspire as many people as possible to sign up for his "NO MEAT FROM HELL" challenge.
The total distance of this race is 220 km, which must be covered within 30 hours. The history of the race dates back to 1884 when polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld made two of his team ski an incredible long distance on one of his expeditions, learn more about the history here. Electronic time registration makes it possible to follow Mirko live.