Factory Farming Facts

A factory farm is a farm on which large numbers of animals are raised indoors, in conditions that are intended to maximise the production at minimal cost.

This method of farming causes life-long mental and physical suffering of farm animals. In these farms animals are not considered living creatures with feelings such as joy, fear, pain, stress and sadness, but as lifeless products.

Factory farmers have one sole purpose and that is to maximise profit. They aim to produce as much meat, dairy or eggs as possible, in the quickest and cheapest way.

Factory farmers have been extremely successful at developing cost-efficient ‘production methods’ over the past decade. In Europe alone, factory farming is worth 70 billion Euro. Great news for farmers, supermarkets and other businesses in the food supply chain, but bad news for the rest of us.

Factory farms that invested in technological advances in animal agriculture, have high costs that can only be compensated by producing at maximum capacity to make a profit. This means that they must maintain high production levels even at times when maybe the demand is low.

The drive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness conflicts heavily with animal welfare.
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Image Credits: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals